Woman who dismembered husband not remorseful for 'grotesque act'


Woman who dismembered husband not remorseful for 'grotesque act'


The mother of a man who murdered his husband repeatedly after having sex with her, but did not repent of her actions for decades, said Friday her son's «grotesque act» was wrong and the man must be allowed to "live his life,"바카라 according to the Associated Press.jarvees.com

David S. Siegel, 55, the son of Siegel and Su더킹카지노san Siegel, told the Associated Press his son killed his husband at their home in 1999. The two had a daughter, Emily, and also had three kids together.

The father said his son «would have been horrified» at how he killed his wife, but did not regret his actions.

«He has never given me a thought of remorse, but he said it's a bad thing and there's no way he could help,» David Siegel told the AP. «He's still doing everything we asked of him. I've never seen him take a moment to look in the mirror. He's in the world.»

David Siegel told AP that he and Susan Siegel «had five sons, and each had their own struggles.»

«I couldn't have been more proud of each of them and every single one of them is alive. It was hard for me to hear all the stories, but they were stories of life that we all know are true,» he said.

The Siegel family told ABC-affiliate WBZ NewsRadio in Pittsburgh that David Siegel spent his childhood «hugging a horse on one leg» while he worked on a farm and had other, «unfortunate» children.

David Siegel told WBZ-TV his father's crime became «more and more personal» as he grew older, even as he worked to create «meaningful, well-adjusted, well-balanced» people.

He has two granddaughters from a previous marriage and has four grandchildren from a previous relationship.

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