They used to have the «thick» client (Windows or Mac only)


None of this is true of the RSS. Actually, it perceived as the complete opposite. So what does it mean when a former chief embraces this organisation? Was he a secret RSS member during his years of military service? Was his commitment to the army principle of religious neutrality hypocritical? And, most worryingly of all, are there other RSS supporters masquerading in uniform who the army is unaware of?.

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Our assessment and physical courses are just as difficult as yours. We use the Bates bible. We pass boards. We were just a step behind. A result, the Bulldogs (1 1) are right back in the mix for top spot as they prepare to wrap up their round robin schedule on Tuesday against Acadie Bathurst (2 0). The OHL champions were coming off a 3 2 loss to Regina on Friday night a result that prompted head coach John Gruden to repeatedly state: wasn us.