The world of tGA has seen many grand events unfold


Pink Girl, Blue Boy: Cassidy and Callum. Princess Classic: Princess Cassidy is kind, forgiving, and rather too innocent. She wears a pretty pink dress, loves flowers and poetry, and is completely non violent. The world of tGA has seen many grand events unfold, most recently a worldwide Catastrophe caused by the destruction of the legendary mage city of Alent at the end of the last Great War between demons who had intended to conquer the world and various alliances who had fought back against the hordes. The magical explosion of the City of Mages decimated the armies, created a strange phenomenon known as the Anomaly in its place, rearranged the continents, unleashed a great many monsters of unknown origin into the wilderness and ushered in the Fourth Age. Those from all sides who had miraculously survived the explosion at ground zero suffered from an equally mysterious, widespread amnesia, having forgotten the last days of the war and how the Catastrophe had happened to begin with.

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