Sure, you can do that large with natural stone or a countertop


What kind of flooring is this and where can I buy it

I work intimately in the planning and design portion of the construction industry. I well aware that you can polish concrete. I also well aware that concrete is inherently prone to superficial blemishes canada goose outlet uk that reduce the canada goose outlet uk sale overall uniformity canada goose outlet reviews of whatever finish you apply to it. Even after polished and sealed, it will canada goose outlet near me be filled with see this page variation in color and of topographical canada goose jacket outlet uk texture.Indeed, canada goose outlet england you can get similar appearances from glazed, polished concrete. But that looks necessarily lacks the uniformity of the canada goose outlet online store image in question. For that reason, I suggest that the intent canada goose outlet nyc of the image is tile, not polished concrete.Edit: I'll continue to add sources to back up my anecdotes, unlike other people who are just disagreeing.Based off my own experience, canada goose outlet factory this sort of look, to canada goose outlet mississauga BEST match what OP is asking, is achieved through a large porcelain or ceramic tile. I'm always down for becoming more familiar with different products but nothing I'm seeing suggests tile, not concrete.Please, I'm genuinely curious about what you're suggesting it is. Do you have any examples? All of the sealed canada goose outlet store uk and stained concrete I've seen still has a lot of canada goose outlet buffalo topographic and color variation. The above image simply doesn't match anything in my experience. But I'd sincerely love to familiarize myself with something that can produce that finish.Also, in design build projects when we have to play GC, canada goose outlet black friday sale you do get very intimate, especially come punch.Edit: I'll continue to add sources to canada goose outlet mall back up my anecdotes, unlike canada goose outlet online store review other people who are just disagreeing.Based off my own experience, this sort of look, to BEST match what OP is asking, is achieved through a large porcelain or ceramic tile. It rough and «unfinished» looking. Superficial differences only add to that character, IMO.Concrete is inherently more prone to chipping, especially on the edges, because concrete performs better under compression, and its shear strength suffers. So, any overhang will want to be limited. You also likely develop cracks.A good sealer will canada goose outlet online help mitigate canada goose outlet store montreal stains and such, but with the use that a countertop gets, that sealer will inevitably need maintenance.Personally, despite all of the potential for change in appearance, I really like concrete countertops. Also, those joint lines are too straight for a stamp.If I had to guess, it was smooth finished (imagine a big warehouse floor), then after it cured, they saw cut canada goose outlet montreal those joints in. Then it was probably polished and sealed. It very nice concrete work (if that what that is.It too perfect for stone. Even if it was stone, it would be insanely expensive. They make saws specifically for scoring concrete. It basically a skilsaw on small wheels. You can lay out a long straight edge and roll the saw along the track to get those straight lines.I no concrete worker, but I do work for a landscape architecture company as a designer/project manager. We recently had a patio that we saw cut lines into. Our concrete guy is good, but he not super special. His lines were super straight. It turned out really nice and was only broom finished concreteit difficult to find tiles larger than 24×24, and I don think I have seen a tile larger than 36×36. given the size of the couch, I think these tiles are supposed to be 48×48 at least.Sure, you can do that large with natural stone or a countertop material, but anything that gets fired and glazed will have enough warp to it that it won have the perfect flat look of this render. EDIT: I have found a couple companies that will custom make large format tiles beyond 4 feet in size (Widest I can find is 64")! It custom, and canada goose outlet canada very expensive.If OP has truckloads of cash, I guess they could just get some countertop material and use that as canada goose outlet website legit tiles. Maybe like a natural stone like slate, granite, or something quartz, or corian. They should come in large enough slabs.

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