Rta assesses rain soaked macquarie pass between 3

Rta assesses rain soaked macquarie pass between 3.30am – 5am on Monday morning. Photo: Peter Rae / Getty Images

SINGAPORE — A report was issued on Monday (Dec 7) for flooding at two roads near the SBS RTA Rail station.

The report is for the «flood affected» intersection of 더킹카지노Changi Road and Marrickville Road at 2.10pm (AEDT) Monday morning.

It says the affected road was flooded at 3.40am and there were road closures until 6.25am.

At the intersection of Marrickville Rnatyasastra.comoad and Changi Road, there was water of around 3m.

Another road near the SBS RTA Rail station at 8.00am was also inundated by heavy rains last night.

The department also issued flood warnings for Marrickville Road, Jalan Bukit Bintang and the MR바카라사이트T Changi Line.

The storm system is expected to move into other areas on Monday, including Singapore's capital.

Meanwhile, the Department of Infrastructure and Transport is looking into the situation as well, as the roads are closed.

Traffic is also being re-routed at Jalan Bukit Bukit Bintang.

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