Man arrested over murder of singer and producer James Taylor

Man arrested over murder of singer and producer James Taylor

A South African man has been arrested in the murder of the popular music producer James Taylor in Cape Town over the weekend.

Police said Saimo Tiwari was arrested on Sunday night at her home in Nelspruit, 30km south-east of Durban. She has been charged with murder.

On Saturday night, police said Tiwari was seen with Taylor at a nearby nightclub. They later released a photo of the pair in the dancehall.

Police said the singer's wife, Joelle, told the BBC her husband was «the most popular man in the world, she was just shocked and shocked the next day, to hear how he was바카라사이트 killed».

Tiwari's lawyer told AFP news agency that he was «deeply shocked».

The singer was found dead on Saturday morning.

Taylor's body was brought back to the city from South Africa later that evening, and the case was handed over to the South African police on Sunday.

A few days earlier, two women killed themselves after being involved in a car accident, police sai바카라사이트d.

Police said they were looking for the woman who was responsible for killing a woman in the area.

A second woman, named as Joanna Khandekhe, left work on Saturday. Police said it was unclear if she was involved in Taylor's death.

'Cult leader'

Taylor and Khandekhe were seen in photos in the days leading up to his death and are said to be close to one another.

In a message to those who knew Taylor, the singer's brother-in-law Simon Williams wrote that the singer's death could not happen to anyone else.

«I cannot believe there is not yet an arrest on any of the people involved in this terrible tragedy,» he said.

Police spokesman Inspector General David Riesch said they believed Tiwari was arrested in connection with Taylor's murder.

«We are not yet satisfied that this is a murder investigation — we still want to gather all the facts regardijarvees.comng the circumstances surrounding the killing,» he said.

"In all likelihood this will conclude in the arrest and charge of murder or manslaughter.

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