Interview with bei fuerische Stadtliniken für Stücke (GREE)

Interview with bei fuerische Stadtliniken für Stücke (GREE). Bei fuerische Stadtliniken für Stücke (GREE), the leading global organization to support the sustainable management of the world's forests, has agreed to provide information about the role of for우리카지노est science in climate change management. The meeting took place in Hannover, Germany on 13 January 2010.

GREE is an umbrella of about 30 non-governmental organizations. It is the organization that promotes scientific, economic and environmental policy through research and dissemination. In order to gain international exposure, a GREE member organization needs to make an initial presentation to GREE-representatives (in addition to the members) of every regional GREE regional organization. The presentation consists of the GREE statement, which includes the GREE-representatives' own comments, and a presentation on the topic to the next level.

The GREE statement is intended to foster a broad global conversation about the potential impacts of climate change on forests and forests management in general, through the lens of science, t우리카지노echnical work, and the development of an international policy network that has the responsibility to develop action plans and proposals on the issue.

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