Here, he seems to be reasonably powerful and able to match his


Adaptational Badass: In the show, Tyrion wielded almost no real power as Master of Coin due to Tywin being the Hand during this time. Here, he seems to be reasonably powerful and able to match his sister's maneuvers. Justified as the Forrester's power base is very specifically economic. Things change even more when the CIA buys the Buy More to use as a cover for their operations. Morgan quickly points out that the operation of the store is too efficient and the employees too pretty and helpful. In order to create a more believable cover, the store goes back to the old way of running things except Morgan is made the new manager... Bilingual Bonus: «Akbal» refers to nighttime and the underworld, tying in with the jewel's purpose of affecting demons; «ixmol» means «conductress», as in someone who presides over religious ceremonies. Possible Genius Bonus at work, since we're talking about the Mayan language here. «Blind Idiot» Translation: Honestly not that bad for most of the game, but you can tell when the writing staff obviously hit crunch time and had to rush some lines which suddenly drop the use of articles or other unimportant words, or even punctuation.

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