Govt unveils exploration funding for Gulf of Mexico

Govt unveils exploration funding for Gulf of Mexico

Brent Burchard, chairman of the US National Park Service in Alaska, has made it clear that the administrati우리카지노on will prioritize funding of park-protected facilities in Alaska.

«It is extremely important to us to keep the Gulf of Alaska, and it is very important to us to protect the resources for future generations,» he said.

That includes protecting wildlife habitats like bighorn sheep, salmon and sockeye salmon in the Gulf of Alaska, and protecting salmon and the sockeye salmon-fishing industry.

Burchard said that his office has submitted a proposal to the US Department of the Interior to fund $15 million to build a science and research facility at Hukulla and Hulak campsites to test the impact of offshore oil drilling, and $15 million to buy tools and supplies to help preserve the sites.

And he expects the money to be used to develop more remote, off-shore drilling platforms and to develop offshore oil storage facilities.

In addition to the funding for offshore drilling research, Burchard said the park service is already working with the Army Corps of Engineers in Alaska to design more innovative drilling equipment.

He said the park service would also encourage others to develop offshore oil storage facilities, and will work with other oil companies to develop infrastructure like a floating dock so that the oil can be storenatyasastra.comd in a safe, clean, and sustainable way.

Burchard also said that the US government will continue to use the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement to deal with oil spill incidents.

A federal judge in June threw out the lawsuit by ExxonMobil against BP for a 2006 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and last week overturned a judge's ruling that the company was responsible for violating its contract by not protecting the health and well-being of the bathers swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.

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