Govt to review immigration detention cases in NSW

Govt to review immigration detention cases in NSW


More than two million children across Australia who were previously held in immigration detention in NSW are now likely to face deportation under the new government's immigration plan.

It follows repeated calls for tougher detention measures from the former Labor government.

Labor promised tough measures on immigration when it returned in 2014, but failed to secure enough support to win a majority.

After Labor lost the election in May, the Abbott government sought to tighten immigration policies, as well as introduce the Immigration Review Tribunal, which it said would «strengthen the ability of the courts to assess the claims of those on the outer limits of the nation and to ensure that there is no backlog of cases that will prevent timely removals».

However, the Government has now backed down.

It announced the review of detention policies and the removal of children in detention.

It will be led by a new directorate of child protection, which will be responsib바카라사이트le for reviewing all child protection and family protection issues across the state.

The review will also consider the future detention of asylum seekers, and the creation of a National Review to look at all aspects of the migration system.

At a press conference today, Labor's housing spokesman, Michael Kroger, welcomed the announcement.

«In the last three and a half years, the number of children natyasastra.comin our communities is down to 12 percent,» he said.

«If you're asking who the priorities should be, I think the priority needs to be in the family community.»

At his press conference, Mr Kroger added: "I think the government is making the right decisions because they're protecting people's safety, they're prioritising people's safety, they're prioritising communities' safety.

«The reason they're prioritising families is because we've gone through a period when, under this government, it's almost as if people are getting off the boat, and they're getting caught up in that asylum seeker mess and they바카라're trying to come back home and they're just not being properly protected and we want to make sure that those people don't end up like this.»

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