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Undoubtedly, moviegoers ebay cover samsung s6 edge and comic book fans are excited to see how Marvel cover samsung j5 one piece live action cover samsung s5 stitch version cover cover samsung s3 tumblr samsung j3 aliexpress of the characters differ from what Fox did. While Fox certainly provided us with some fantastic castings and movies, the MCU will cover samsung galaxy grand neo brillantini hit the reboot button and choose new actors for the parts.

Ever since Sonequa Martin Green appeared in The Walking Dead, she been linked with a variety of high profile roles. cover samsung j5 201 Whether you like Star Trek: Discovery or not, she proven she can lead a team (see: X Men Gold) and handle the screen like it her own. Cast her as Storm now!

Scott Eastwood Cyclops

After Scott flip cover samsung galaxy s6 edge plus Eastwood was horribly wasted in Suicide Squad, there a chance he could want another shot at a comic book movie redemption. Well, not cover samsung galaxy tab s2 amazon only does he look aliexpress cover samsung s7 like Cyclops, but this could also be his opportunity to cement himself in the big leagues.

Shia LaBeouf Gambit

Let be honest here: Shia LaBeouf is an immensely talented actor. He amazon cover samsung galaxy a3 2015 picks up a bad wrap because of his past behaviour, but he worked hard to remedy flip cover samsung note 3 neo his cover samsung s7 deadpool behaviour. For Gambit, you need someone with a little arrogance, some vulnerability and a whole lot of attitude. Isn that LaBeouf in a nutshell

Logan Marshall Green Wolverine

Most fans would loved to cover samsung galaxy s5 coniglio see Tom Hardy as the new Wolverine. Unfortunately, he portraying Venom and unlikely to swap roles anytime soon. cover samsung cover samsung a50 rock s5 guscio Hardy doppelganger. The best part He actually a damn talented actor in his own right.

Alexandra Daddario Rogue

Think of the one actress who looks exactly like Rogue from the comics. If Alexandra Daddario didn come to mind instantly, you need to get your head checked. She bound for Marvel or DC it inevitable, really.

Daniel Craig Magneto

There are many people who love to cast Daniel Craig as Professor X. After having played James Bond for so long, however, it likely that Craig would love nothing more than to sink his teeth into a complex role like Magneto. It just makes sense.

Tell us, who would you cast in the MCU X Men Let us know in the comments section.

Comments 5 Jarryd says:

Eastwood may work cover samsung grand duos i9082 as Logan, if cover samsung led recensione he shorter than Hugh Jackman. Professor X nope. And for the love of all that is holy, why is the leader of the X Men, the greatest X man ever, not listed that be Scott Summers.! First and foremost a director cover samsung galaxy s4 mini miniinthebox that cover samsung s4 glitter knows the comics needs to be hired...

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