Coque jasmine iphone 6 plus How to Add Music to a Video on iPhone 3 FREE WAYS

How to Add Music to a Video on iPhone 3 FREE WAYS

When you work so hard on making and editing a video through coque iphone 6 olaf artcorekirbies32967 your iPhone (let's say a tutorial video to make people aware about something of the essence) if the file lacks music, your video will look incomplete.

Editing is not enough to coque iphone 7 plus snoopy make the video stand out. Along with editing, you may need iphone 7 coque qui se ferme to add song and sound effect to video. And this is why; we will suggest you three ways that will help you add music to video on iPhone. Hence, let's coque iphone 7 connecter begin and double up the coque iphone 7 ajax fun and quality of your video by adding background music to it.

The Memories feature in Photos app will create collections of your photos and videos highlights. The automatically generated Memory video is polished with transitions and music tracks, while, you can also customize the Memory video to change the music, images included, duration coque tetris iphone 7 plus and titles as well.

How to change and add music to Memory videos on iPhone

First, make sure your iPhone is running iOS 10 or coque 6 iphone silicone artcorekirbies33676 later. And the following screenshots and instructions are taken from iOS 13.

Open Photos app and tap For You tab, scroll down to Memories and tap it.

Tap on the Memory that you want to customize and tap the play button on the right lower corner to preview the premade video. 'Clips'. A lot of inbuilt soundtracks are stuffed with this app. You can choose from a number of soundtracks be it pop music, action, chill, playful, sentimental and many more. Here is coque iphone 6 sport extreme artcorekirbies30815 the tutorial on how you can add song to video on iPhone via Apple's Clips coque silicone iphone 7 mandala app.

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Add your own music to your video on iPhone with Clips

Step 1 Open the app and tap on the Music button located at coque iphone 7 plus zelda the top right of the first screen.

Step 2 Got to My Music option and then choose coque iphone 7 bumper rouge either category from the screen for instance, 'Artists', coque iphone 6 mc do artcorekirbies35439 'Albums' or 'Songs'.

Step 3 Now, select the most preferred track from the list that you wish to add in the background.

Although Clips can be considered as a convenient app, it doesn't allow the users to adjust the sound once they add music to video on iPhone. Taking instance, the users will not get enough freedom if they wish to do any modifications coque couleur or iphone 6 artcorekirbies31541 with initial point of the coque de telephone iphone 6 cdiscount artcorekirbies32258 video file. The audio will automatically adjust by 'Clips' matching the video the best way possible. For adjusting the audio, people will require an extra hand of any video editing app for the purpose.

Part 3: How to add music to a video on iPhone with iMovie

Another way coque iphone 7 silicone rigide we would like to introduce is using iMovie to add music to video on iPhone. This coque iphone 6 noir amazon artcorekirbies30083 app will let you add background music to video on iPhone with the steps given coque gta iphone 6 artcorekirbies34392 below. Thus, go along the steps to get the method learned.

Firstly, open the iMovie app in your device and go to the «Project» section which is located at the top screen.

Next, you need to tap on the «Create Project» coque iphone 7 paillettes liquide argent which is available as a '+' icon. Afterwards, you will notice two panels namely, 'Movie" and «Trailer». Choose the former one followed by tapping on «Create» option.

When this is done, your project interface will be on the screen. Subsequently, go to the «Media» icon located at the top left corner at the timeline. The videos gallery will appear on the screen. Choose one in which you want to add the music and tap on the «Add» icon. The source video will now add to coque serpentard iphone 7 the timeline of iMovie.

Now you can add music by following the same procedure what we did for adding video from gallery. This will add the music successfully. Please make sure to place the music at background if you want low volume music. The «Background» option will be at the bottom of the screen.

Now, tap the «Play» button to preview the video along with the music. Once satisfied, tap on «Done» placed at the left corner of the screen.

Tip: If your video's duration is more than the audio duration, iMovie will automatically loop the background music. Therefore, there is an option to coque iphone 7 double sim adjust the length of the media file. You can set it according to your preference. Check the guide about How to edit videos with iMovie for more details.

Part 4: How to add music to iPhone video with Filmora9

One of the most recommended way to add music to video on desktop is using our coque silicone stitch iphone 7 Filmora9 video editor. It is the most leading and popular way which one can use to add background music to video. With a bunch of effects, filters, themes and features ability, the software proves to be better than anything else.