Broken Bird: All four main characters


Ambrose Academy, due to lack of funding. Once it's proved that the boys can't be trusted, the girls mount an elaborate scheme to stop the boys' invasion, hoping that they can save Miss Godard's from becoming «Miss Gonads». However, you are grounded for the remainder of the school year... In Outlaw Star, a load of 5 tonnes of dragonite the crew pick up turns out to be far less valuable than expected. The explanation was that it was «low density» the mass was already stated, so the density wouldn't matter for how much it was. How much of the stone's mass was actual useable material)... Broken Bird: All four main characters. Arguably Cat's mother, Geraldine, as well. Broken Pedestal: Misty towards her parents when they get divorced. Asshole Victim: The mobsters in «The Zombie» amply deserve the gruesome deaths that they are dealt. Baleful Polymorph: At the end of «The Devil's Platform» the destruction of his amulet prevents Palmer from transforming back into a human, leaving him stuck as a dog. Berserk Button: The one thing guaranteed to piss off Miss Emily is discrimination or condescension towards the elderly.

Hermes Replica Bags They succeed. Then they all commit mass suicide as the Asylum which they turned into their home collapses around them. Significant Green Eyed Redhead: Emily and Anne. Reference Overdosed Simple, yet Awesome: The Stalactite spell which fires a volley of sharp spikes in a spread. It's cheap to use, fairly quick to cast, is gotten fairly early in the game and despite being a frost spell it does non elemental damage, meaning undead and constructs don't Supplier Replica Handbags resist it. It's essentially a magical shotgun that does brutal damage from up close and can quickly thin out large crowds of Goddamn Bats from far away. Wave Motion Gun: NorCoord's superweapon CIRCE, which has only been used once to deadly effect because it's Too Awesome to Use and is held in reserve in the same manner nuclear weapons are in the present day. Actually, CIRCE does not exist. During the war, an enemy fleet happened to be wiped out by the radiation from an unexpected solar flare and NorCoord took credit for it in order to intimidate the enemy into surrendering. Hermes Replica Bags

Replica Valentino Handbags Draco in Leather Pants: An In Universe example: Soracia is the main villain of the first three volumes. Heath and Varkias think she's evil, but Rubel insists she's just a misunderstood Woobie who needs to be rescued from the real villains. Turns out he was only half right; Soracia is perfectly capable of rescuing herself. Might actually fall into the category of Anguished Declaration of Love. He confesses his feelings after the emotional trauma of what he thought was Liam's date with a girl, and so the setting and circumstances weren't ideal, nor is he exactly eloquent. Which contributes to why the confession is not, at first, received well [1]. Continuity Snarl: Khan immediately recognizes Chekov, even though the ensign wasn't yet a part of the crew when Khan tried to take over the ship in the original series. A common fan theory is that Chekov was part of the crew, but not on the bridge. Walter Koenig joked that he believes Chekov accidentally made Khan wait an uncomfortable amount of time to use the bathroom Replica Valentino Handbags.