Anyway, he SAID it was speculation if you look at the article


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Canada Goose Jackets That one still baffles me. One of my favorites, which I posted on here before, was a couple who came in to dispute some charges on their account. Ok, no problem. There were even some who insulted me as a person and sent PMs to my inbox telling me I was a waste of space and a piece of shit because they don share my view that posting these photos to Canada Goose Parka social canada goose vest outlet media shouldn be canada goose outlet store vancouver enabled. I didn get any death threats thankfully, but harsh scrutiny thrown my way here and there. I expected that, no surprises there. Canada Goose Jackets

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Edit 3: wow! I really didn't expect this to get as much attention as it did. Again, thank you all. I'm trying to read all the responses because they all mean a lot to me. The interior manufacturers /u/Dementat_Deus mentioned are then responsible for selling seats and interior to the operator. They sell standard packages for a given aircraft, but ultimately the operator decides how everything is arranged. If the operator thinks they can make money with less seats than the aircraft can fit, then that what they put in...

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Firstly. You need to stop putting this girl on a pedestal. I think it strange that you say you in love with her when you never been with her romantically. It makes this horrible screeching sound, like two rocks scraping against each other, so I immediately turned around and saw an arm creeping in. I just sat there, staring at it for a good minute because I thought I was going batshit crazy. I just grab something sharp (I think it was a metal ruler) and put as much force I could into my stab.