Aged care royal commission hears of staff shortages — at the Royal Free Hospital in central London

Aged care royal commission hears of staff shortages — at the Royal Free Hospital in central London

A senior medical officer has slammed a scheme to train hospital interns as 'unnecessary and dangerous' and accused staff of being underpaid

Senior medical officer Michael Davies said: 'I don't like working with interns, but this is completely unnecessary and dangerous.'

He admitted the plan to train students from sixth form colleges was a 'big risk' as it risks putting them out of a job if they aren't successful and could make hospitalisation worse.

He was asked what doctors would be doing if they weren't employed to do res바카라earch on patients' illness.

Cllr Davies said: 'We need hospital interns as nurses and as surgeons. These positions have to be open to students.

'But if you don't train them to be doctors, then it becomes like an extra job for nurses and it becomes a bit like the NHS.'

The Royal Free Hospital in central London was one of the first large centres to hire interns.

The Royal Free NHS trust said on its website : 'Hospital interns do not make up the majority of our work force but we are committed to bringing an increasing number of them into the hospital'.

'It means that we are not only supporting the interns but also allowing a wider community, staff and the wider patients within the Hospital to benefit from their expertise. This is an incredibly important part of the work of the Hospital, and we are grateful that the intern sector has chosen to focus on it.

'A key element of the Royal Free NHS Trust is the partnership between all the hospitals, our academic health and care teams, our clinical partners and staff. We work with all of these stakeholders to ensure that they all benefit from their expertise.'

A spokesman for the hospital said: 'The interns work in our clinical and clinical engineering departments, the research centres, and the clinical services.

'They take responsibility for patient care, have responsibility for patient safety and safety monitoring and provide expertise to all our teams and patients.

'The바카라 Royal Free University Health Sciences Campus is a private, publicly-funded, for-profit university. It is committed to providing training and support to all medical students, with over 8,000 postgraduate courses as well as an excellent network of internships.

'Interns participate in intensive courses in order to develop patient care, with a broad mix of professional, social and scientific topics.'

In a separate claim about staff, the Hospita

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